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Why robo-advice is smart investing
Investing is one of our most sought-after topics. So far we’ve been through the what, but what of the how? Special guest Chris Brycki, founder + CEO of Stockspot, Australia’s fastest growing robo-adviser, dishing on just that. Robo-advice is one Read more.
Chris Brycki
How to build your network … starting today
No one was born a networker. But you gotta get those skills to pay those bills. Networking can supercharge your career options + your earning power. Lucky: it's learnable! 🍀 Here's a simple how to for no more awks. Read more.
Jacqui Park
6 reasons why side gigs are a no-brainer
Side gigs: all the cool kids are doin’ it  . Also the kids whose pay is stagnating. Supplementing your day job with other paid work is a smarter idea for your career + bottom line than you might think. But Read more.
Jacqui Park
The ugly truth about retirement
Planning for retirement? You’re amazing! Not interested? Holla! 👋 We get it. Retirement is this imaginary thing that we can’t really get our heads around. Let's take a look at what it'll *really* take to live that post-retirement life you Read more.
Jacqui Park
How to be super-smart about superannuation
Think retirement’s so far away you don’t need to think about it? 🌅 We get it, but it’s still important to know what it is + what you can do with it. Future You will hate to be forgotten 😢. Read more.
Michelle Watson
6 things you need to know to invest in shares
Thinking about investing? The natural starting point is shares. But how? Our guest expert, David Boyle, Partner + PM at Rockman Capital 🕵🏼 dishes on exactly what you need to know, broken down into six digestible carrots. 🌽🍆🍅 Read more.
David Boyle
Why you should bond with bonds. Investment bonds.
Don’t follow the herd + make the mistake of thinking it’s all about shares 🐑. Australians tend to pile more into them compared to the rest of the developed world— a riskier/more aggressive approach 🏋🏽. That means we under-weight bonds. Read more.
Amy Xie Patrick
Should you invest?
You work hard for your money, but are you making your money work hard for you? Our special guest-pert, Simon Warner, Chief Investment Officer of Global Fixed Income at a major investment firm, breaks down why it makes sense for Read more.
Simon Warner
How to be smart with investing + risk
Interested in investing one day but jittery about the risk? We've got you covered with our special guest-pert, Dr Laura Ryan 🕵🏻‍♀️, who manages risk + has been investing for 17+ yrs. We talk about why you shouldn't put your Read more.
Dr Laura Ryan
How to build wealth in 4 ridiculously not-easy steps
There’s this growing expectation for a quick fix, an easy path. To wealth, to fitness, to life. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there genuinely isn’t one. Our counsel is to view money and fitness similarly. They Read more.
Jacqui Park
How side hustles turbocharge your career + money
All the cool kids are doin’ it! By now you might have heard of side hustles, a.k.a side gigs. There are clear benefits from side hustling, and strong economic reasons too. We pull apart six reasons why anyone should consider Read more.
Jacqui Park
7 mistakes to avoid when negotiating pay
For most of us, the thought of asking for a pay rise = rapid breathing into a paper bag. But we need to ask: the ‘head down work hard’ approach isn’t working. Hello 28% gender pay gap. Here's Part II Read more.
Jacqui Park
9 steps to successfully negotiate your pay rise
The easiest way to earn more money? A pay rise. But asking isn't easy. Women are punished and seen as greedy or unlikeable when we do ask. Here's what to do from the world’s leading negotiation practitioners— with methods proven to work for Read more.
Jacqui Park
How to plan your income the smart way
It's all too easy to blow your paycheck and have no idea where it's disappeared. Like summer raindrops that fall and evaporate before your eyes. But there's a smart and simple way to plan your income in 3 easy steps. So Read more.
Jacqui Park
The money gender gap
Pay isn’t the only problem. It’s actually just the start. That’s why it’s so important for us to be on top of our money lives. Read about the other money gaps, how they’re hurting us big time, and what we Read more.
Jacqui Park
9 things we learned during #frugalfeb
#frugalfeb is finally over and we’ve learned a lot. What do we prioritise? What makes us stick to goals? 🌟 Read on to find out how much money we saved, how we’ve changed, and what March will bring. Read more.
Sarah Nguyen
The action plan: hot property or not property?
We’re all about having the freedom to make your own choices and act upon them—with the right information. Whether you’ve bought a place, are saving for a deposit or aren’t remotely interested in housing, it’s up to you: all are Read more.
Jacqui Park
Rentvesting: smart start or fool’s gold?
All the kids these days are renting a place to call home, but buying a place to rent out. Is it the right move? 🔍 We explore some home truths about property investment, 'cause no one else seems to be telling Read more.
Jacqui Park
Will house prices keep going up, up and away?
This week say hello to Aaditya Thakur, our guest expert dishing on what really drives those flighty house prices.  AT, who has 15 years of investment experience + is a CFA charterholder explains what needs to happen for prices to Read more.
Aaditya Thakur
Is buying better than renting?
This week we have the awesome Dr Laura Ryan guest experting, who has 17 years of investment experience and a PhD in statistics 😮. Laura explains the blind spots we miss when deciding between renting or buying, plus what the Read more.
Dr Laura Ryan
How to think about buying property the right way
We know that housing is unaffordable for most of us, unless we get a massive windfall. Still waiting for the payout from that Nigerian email scam in 2011… Meanwhile, we’re stuck wondering what the hell we’re supposed to do.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ First Read more.
Jacqui Park
#FrugalFeb: The Rules
We’re committing to a spend-less challenge starting Feb 1. Why? Partly to test ourselves. Partly to save for an EOY family + friends holiday. Why Feb? Shortest month! We’ve pledged (ourselves + our less willing fams ...) to live on Read more.
Sarah Nguyen
How to make money buy you happiness
The next time someone says ‘money doesn’t buy you happiness’, you can retort, ‘well actually, yes it can’. Especially if that someone is the type of person who posts pics captioned ‘#soblessed’. Here’s how to turn your money into a Read more.
Jacqui Park
What you need to know about predictions this year
Everywhere you look there’s an article by some ‘expert’ on what to expect and do with your money (and life) this year. Our eyes are hurting from all the rolling. Why should you read this? To know what you should actually Read more.
Jacqui Park
Being smarter with friends makes you better with money
Ever heard that you’re the average of your five closest friends? Well, there’s truth in it. Research shows your friends’ spending habits and happiness affects yours. Like the grown-up expensive version of peer pressure. Friends who save together, stay together: Read more.
Jacqui Park
Simple ways to be smarter with your new year’s resolutions
We love new year’s resolutions. But it’s damn hard to stick to them. We’re likely to give up once we break them a couple of times. So how do we make smarter goals + stick to them?  Read more.
Jacqui Park
Credit card: friend or frenemy?
This holiday season, we’ve collectively spent a sh*t-ton of money. And more and more of it is being charged to plastic. Why? Read more.
Jacqui Park
Be selfish. Buy gifts.
Remember when you were a kid and your elders kept hammering you with, ‘to give is better than to receive’, (and you replied, ‘Will Santa bring me the rainbow-haired troll already’)? Well, it’s another thing they were right about.  Read more.
Sarah Nguyen
Work that holiday partay
The idea of going to work events fills many of us with dread. Some peeps seem to embrace it, while others stand there awkwardly with a glass in hand, or stick with the crew to avoid the new. But the work Read more.
Jacqui Park