Your no BS pocket pal making you smarter with money.

Carrots bot makes it easy to save, in a world that wants you to spend. On crap. Introducing your money pal helping you build better habits. Offered exclusively as part of Honest Money. 🤗

Reset your money life

We all love a clean slate. We help you stay on track with your goals through smarter spending 💸.

Bank-level security

Your security is our #1 priority. We transmit your data securely and store it with 256-bit AES encryption at rest. 🔒

Your mini-cheer squad

We’re not gonna lie. Staying on track is hard. That’s why Carrots is your pocket money champ, helping you stick. 💜

Being good with money is hard.
And it’s only getting harder.

Ever looked at your bank balance in surprise/horror? Then you know what we mean. 😱

Carrots is the first easy-as-pie solution targeting your money behaviour, so you make the right decisions at the right time. With automatic tracking, personalised nudges + step-by-step guides, we make good habits easy. Just swipe right.