Your no BS pocket pal making you smarter with money.

Carrotsbot makes it easy to save, in a world that wants you to spend. On crap. Introducing your money pal helping you build better habits. Sign up today. 🤗

Reset your money life

We all love a clean slate. You set your goals. We bite size them, then gently nudge you along the way to keep you on track. Because every habit starts small. No scrimping. Just smarter spending 💸.

Bank-level security

Your security is our #1 priority. We transmit your data securely and store it with 256-bit AES encryption at rest. We have the same bank-level security trusted by, that’s right, big banks.

Have fun. Seriously.

We’re not gonna lie. Saving is hard. Take a teeny challenge like the No Coffee Work Week with your besties/beloved to kickstart your goals. Keep each other lit. ’Cause everything’s easier with friends 💜

Being good with money is hard.
And it’s only getting harder.

Ever looked at your bank balance in surprise/horror? Then you know what we mean. 😱

Carrots is the first easy-as-pie solution targeting your money behaviour, so you make the right decisions at the right time. With automated savings, personalised nudges + step-by-step guides, we make good habits easy. Just swipe right.